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RECIPE: Lemon Squeezy Vegan Raw Cheesecake

Vegan cheesecake can be so expensive and is usually quite fiddley to make. This recipe is much cheaper and easier to make, so hopefully you’ll want to try it for yourself! I’d say its guilt-free as well, however, not if you eat all the thing in one sitting!

This recipe was featured in The Herald on 3rd August, 2018

Lemon Squeezy Vegan Raw Cheesecake

Serves 6


350g COYO or any other coconut yogurt

1 large avocado

4 dessertspoons of honey

10 large strawberries

20g blueberries

5ml lemon juice


250g nuts (macadamia, walnut, pecan, brazil, almond)

60g raisins

60g dates

olive oil

1 Remove all flesh from avocado, crush with fork before blending in a food processor with the lemon juice and honey.

2 Once smooth, fold into the coconut yogurt. Cover and place in fridge to cool.

3 Place nuts, raisins and dates into the food processor and blitz until mixture is grainy.

4 Lightly grease a 6 inch non-stick spring form tin with olive oil before placing the base mixture into the tin.

5 Spread mixture evenly and press down firmly.

6 Place in fridge to set for 15 minutes.

7 Once the base has set scoop the topping on top and push around the side of the cake tin to cover evenly.

8 Place the cake tin back into the fridge to set for at least two hours

9 Once the cheesecake has set, slice the strawberries and place on the cake with a sprinkle of blueberries.

10 Slice and serve guilt-free.


Zara Janjua is a TV presenter and producer from Glasgow. She is a food blogger and social media influencer at who has cooked on STV alongside some of Scotland's best chefs for four years. Coming from an Asian family she enjoys fusing flavours from Pakistan with the Mediterranean and Middle East.